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  • Participation in the American University program
  • You'll build the skills necessary to quickly adapt to new trends 
  • Learn how to create and nurture new trends
  • Increase your competitiveness in the global job market

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LIGS University’s online programs break down any potential boundaries related to our students’ location, time zone, and physical health. Our education model is global in every sense of the word, and once you meet our admission requirements, you will know no barriers. 

Choose the subjects that you study according to your individual experience and professional goals. Your personal lecturer will guide you throughout the selection process.

Our lecturers will help you get the most out of your studies. A personal approach is a matter of course with us.

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Our lecturers

Ena Fejzagic Livancic
Ena Fejzagic Livancic
Adjunct Professor of International Communication and CSR
Ena Fejzagic is a Business Development professional, currently working as a Business Development Project Manager at Bausch Health.
Amr Sukkar
Amr Sukkar
Associate Professor of Management and Leadership
Dr. Amr Sukkar is a Business Economist expert for the European Union. He is the founder and CEO of a leader Medical Company.
Marketa Hinkova
Marketa Hinkova
Professor of HR Management
In 2013, Marketa founded and since then manages the consulting company Motherboard. Motherboard implements projects in the field of training and development.
Babandi Ibrahim Gumel
Babandi Ibrahim Gumel
Adjunct Professor of Financial Management
Dr. Babandi Ibrahim Gumel is the owner and chairman of Bafsa Global Concepts Ltd, specializing in construction, logistics, and transportation business.
Vladimir Biruk
Vladimir Biruk
Professor of Crisis Management
Vladimir Biruk is a co-owner and Managing Director of The Institute of Education Development in Management and Communications “CAPITAL” providing advisory and consulting services in anti-crisis and risk management.
Dr. Catherine Muthu
Dr. Catherine Muthu
Associate Professor of Marketing
Catherine is a senior lecturer in several universities in Malaysia. She specializes in all modules relating to Marketing and Management.
Tan Kian Hua
Tan Kian Hua
Adjunct Professor of Management and International Business, and Cybersecurity
Dr. Tan Kian Hua is an emerging Cybersecurity advisor whose expertise in data and information security helped various companies to grow their businesses and increase profitability dramatically. 
Grigory Sergeenko
Grigory Sergeenko
Professor of Financial, Risk Management, and Project Management
Dr. Grigory Sergeenko is a Chief Executive Officer of Stronghold s.r.o. Company as well consists of the global team of quants and software developers.

Prof. Umar Lawal

Preview image for the video "Prof. Umar Lawal became Associate Professor of Management at LIGS University".
Prof. Umar Lawal became Associate Professor of Management at LIGS University

On the importance of a scientific approach to management.

Where can you find our students and alumni?

Our graduates work in middle and senior management, in the private and public sectors, in companies of all sizes and as entrepreneurs around the world.


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